My rich inheritance

5 Priceless things my parents gave to me


Growing up, I can always recall there being rolls of undeveloped film lying around in their little round grey or black containers.  My dad was a film photographer you see, but he had a bad habit of taking photos and then not having them developed for months or even years!  When he did eventually develop the film, those little containers could be re-purposed, most often into storage for fishing hooks or swivels that would otherwise go missing. And the photos would go into one of the many photo albums that my mom kept, to be looked at over and over on the many rainy days we got in Durban. Repositories of memories of when we were awkward teenagers who didn’t want to be in photos; birthdays with a round cake with peach slices on the top (there were always peach slices on the top) and all the cousins behind the cake resulting in confusion in whose birthday it actually was; my little sister doing up my buttons even though she could barely walk; to before my sister was born and my brother and I being dressed alike even though we are born two years apart and to even before the children, to my parents wedding and my mother looking every bit like the teenage girl she was.  I somehow managed to escape any baby pictures that could be used to cause embarrassment later in life.  My brother was not so lucky…  Continue reading “My rich inheritance”

Why Passion Fruit?

It is good, they say, to start at the beginning.  So my first post is a short explanation on the choice of my blog’s title and intended content.

I have intended to get a blog up and running for a while now. And by a while I mean a good 5 or 6 years.  But, as it so often happens, I got (and still am for the most part) distracted along the way.  Fortunately I have managed to convert some of those distractions into longer running interests and eventually whittled those down into a few activities that I am genuinely passionate about.  And it is the results that come of these passions, the fruit of these passions, that I intend to capture here in this blog.

Albert Einstein is famously attributed to have said “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious”.  I too am not especially talented, certainly not even close to Albert Einstein, but I do try to approach everything with a passion that I can hopefully share with you here.

First and foremost on the list of passion fruit will be the results of an ever growing obsession that is my photography.  There is a saying in photography circles that goes teach your children to love photography and they will not have the time or the money to get up to anything unsavoury. This has certainly held true for me the past few months and I will ask you to come with me on a journey as I take more pictures and hopefully improve.

I also tend to meander off sometimes.  Like I said, I am easily distracted. So other topics of interest include running, golf, cooking, eating, travel, music, reading, movies and of course writing.  Who knows what else will develop along the way.  All I know is that if it does, it shall be pursued passionately…

The first fully thought out post to follow soon!