The Kruger National Park

I must be honest (would a liar tell you he was lying though), my first trip to the Kruger National Park was not as well thought out as it should have been.  It was at the end of 2006 when 3 of my friends, my brother and I decided to take a trip.  We would leave Friday after work, drive there, spend Saturday  in the park and then return on Sunday.  And so self catering accommodation was booked, supplies procured and The Tazz (my first car, a maroon Toyota Tazz so legendary that it is simply known as The Tazz) packed and we were ready.  Or so we thought anyway. Continue reading “The Kruger National Park”

Hi, my name is Pranesh and I have an addiction…

My friend and mentor Herbert (see his blog here: Hearty Express)says I have a serious problem.  For a long time I resisted, but of late I have found it increasingly hard and find myself giving in a little too often for comfort. There are a few names for it; gear envy, equipment envy, getting caught in the technology upgrade cycle.  Whatever its called, I became totally hooked sometime last year and don’t see myself breaking free of its grip anytime soon. Continue reading “Hi, my name is Pranesh and I have an addiction…”