Locked and loaded!

A few weeks ago I watched the Jungle Book with my mom and my sister.  Now I didn’t watch the original but in the opening scene already I knew what Mowgli would use to overcome Shere Khan.  How, you ask?  I’ll tell you but I have to warn you, it will probably spoil most movies you watch from this point forward so read on only if you are prepared to live with the consequences.  Also I am going to have to use a couple recent movies to illustrate the concept so there are probably a few more spoilers to come as well! Proceed with caution…

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

My favourite things to do in Cape Town

Do you remember when you were still in school, one of the first things you’d have to do upon your return after either the summer or winter breaks was to write a composition on “My vacation”.  Mine were pretty much standard for most of my primary schooling, mostly because summer and winter holidays were almost always spent at my grandfather’s house. Or as we liked to call it, the farm.  And we mostly did the same things, no single activity stands out now but collectively the best years of my childhood.  So I wrote the same thing with increasing complexity for pretty much all of my primary schooling career.

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