My Sunday morning recharge…

That 6am alarm was optimistic, the whole neighbourhood is still asleep;

Snooze for 10 more minutes;

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, repeat.

6:30am and time to get going;

Running shorts, polyester shirt, cap, brush my teeth.

Compression socks over calloused toes;

Double knotted laces and my GPS watch;

2 Magnesium tablets, one calcium tablet and half a banana.

What do I do with the other half of the banana now?

Scratch that, 1 banana and out the door I go.

Stretch and warm up, 10 quick press ups.

Morning Jimmy, How you doing?

Good Good Pranesh, take it easy!

Sure Jimmy see you now now…

Why did I buy a house on the top of a hill?

It’s down down down but the up is still to come;

Maybe today is the day I run up all the way;




Finally up and just 1km in.  How far did we say we going?

Red robot – breath…

Whats in the news today my friend?

Ah same old, somebody is stealing something from someone.

Go away birds in that tree, Indian myna, Karoo thrush;

And that’s a noisy green wood hoopoe bunch I hear over there;

And a rooster crowing to greet the dawn?!

In the Houghton avenues?!

Ah free range organic eggs breakfast;

Or free range Sunday roast.

2km now and a gentle downhill roll;

Neslon Rolihlahla Mandela!

Viva! We still have a long way to go!

Flat and easy now, let’s run till the watch beeps for 3;

Through the car wash, quick splash and dash.

In the zone;

Singing Adele, Coldplay, The Killers, Queen;

Turn right for 6km or left for 8 mate.

Left it is, but why did it have to be up again;

But it’s only a small nyana uphill, then easy all the way home.

Hello Rufus, thank God for that gate.

Rattling pots, signs of life;

Mmmm someone’s making breakfast;

Freshly baked scones with jam and cream or pancakes perhaps.

Magwinya and polony from a plastic bucket;

4 tomatoes in a tower on a plate;

Lawn squares stacked up to my waist;

Hello, morning Ma!

Shirt soaked with sweat;

St Luke’s congregation is gathering up the road;

Easy my foot, why did I buy a house on the hill…

Turn into my road;

Walk it out and cool down;

Why do I torture myself so?

Probably because cake is delicious…





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