A quick macro comparison

On a recent trip to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens I decided to carry along both my camera bodies.  I have been using my older 550D as secondary, mostly to capture landscape shots using my wide angle lens, while I use the 7D and the 300mmF4 to get birding photos.  The visit to Kirstenbosch was in the hope of seeing a Cape Sugarbird and add a new species to my list. I decided however to switch the wide angle out for a 100mm macro to get a few close up of the flowers at the gardens.

As a little test I decided to set up the same shot for each of the camera and lens combinations.  I selected the vibrant orange clivias in the deep shade at the Dell as test subjects and set it up the best I could given the different focal lengths, aperture and sensor capabilities. Continue reading “A quick macro comparison”