There’s a hole in my jacket…

One of the jackets I run in when it gets cold in the winter has a tear in the sleeve.  Its a rather old jacket that I probably bought in 2011 when I first took up running and probably gets about 3 to 4 months of on and off use every year. But the tear is not the result of old age.  I actually tripped and fell while running one morning.  I was going through a load of stuff in 2012, when I could still run 7:30min/km and was distracted by my own thoughts.  I turned a corner and didn’t see a paving stone that was out of place but one that I had probably ran past 20 times before that.  And as the saying goes, I saw my own ass…

I went down in slow motion.  In my head anyway.  But I managed to stick my right hand out to break my fall.  Being a stubby right hand, the sleeve ends halfway down my palm so actually got the worst of the fall and saved a few grazes. But it ended up with a hole in it.  And I ended up just lying on the ground watching the traffic go by.

I picked myself up eventually.  But that tear in the sleeve remained.  I looked at it this afternoon and was reminded how it got there and of a couple other things as well.  That often whatever it is you are worrying about will pass if you give it time.  And I was also reminded that there was a time when I was faster.  Not too long ago in fact.  Which goes to show that the only person you need to better than is the person you were yesterday does not always hold true.  Or in my case it doesn’t anyway.  But I know how to get better and that I can be better and that’s what counts right? Lastly I was reminded that even though this jacket of my has a hole in the sleeve it still works as it should.  We all are a little flawed with our tears.  Stitched together with random memories and hope that tomorrow will be better…

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