Sweating through Soweto

Every year, early in November, thousands of people gather to run through the streets of Soweto.  Some run farther than others, some faster and some, like me, much slower. The strange thing, I am told, is that they are not running from anything.  No dogs or policeman.  The absolute definition of insanity apparently.  I must say though that by the end of this year’s race I really was questioning my state of mind, like many of the spectators who lined the streets were as well!

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Lightning fast tour of Greece

When I renewed my passport late last year I decided to get the one with extra pages.  The fat one.  Because I was being ambitious mostly.  And also because I would like to think I came close to filling the last one so didn’t want to go through the trouble of having to get a new passport if I could avoid it.  I must say the process was actually less painful than I thought it would be, having made use of the Standard Bank/Home Affairs cooperation pilot that they had just launched.  So when I needed to get the a Schengen Visa a small voice at the back of my head was going good call on that fat passport despite having to jump through multiple hoops to actually get the application completed. Continue reading “Lightning fast tour of Greece”