How to gain followers and influence people!

For the most part, if you ask people (and sometimes even if you don’t ask) for their thoughts on social media you will find that they fall into one of two opposing camps. The first, and seemingly growing camp, is those in opposition, arguing that social media is a major time waster and only serves to feed the user’s need for external validation through likes and comments. In fact, when I initially thought of writing this post it was going to be a bit tongue in cheek and all I was going to say was all you needed to do to gain followers and influence people is to be an Instagram model. Full stop. But then I realised my facetiousness was just an attempt to mask that I fall into the second camp of people who argue that social media can be used effectively and to achieve different goals. So I decided to do more of an actual post than just a silly clickbait article.

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Blood Face

A poem from a friend and a picture by me!

Ruminations of an Insomniac

Photo credit: Pranesh Luckan

This endless cloak awakes
Into the shadows
She appears against the black canvas
She calls out 
Commanding all to name her
Years that separate disappear

This perfect syzygy astounds
Out of the blazing light
Reflections cast from another remain
She smiles quietly
Her eyes turn scarlet bright
Air fills with stillness

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