10 Things I learnt from Forrest Gump…

For me “My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates…” is, and probably will always be, the most iconic movie line of all time.  There are a few that come close, “Always” from Harry Potter, “Not all those who wander are lost” from Lord of the Rings, “Are you not entertained”from Gladiator.  But Forrest will remain my favourite.  And its probably not the only line from the movie that find myself reciting every so often.  I watch the movie at least once a year, often more.  And each time I do, I inevitably find myself taking something new away from the movie.  I think each of us have that one movie we live by, and for each of us it is probably for different reasons, so let me try to explain what the famous Mr Gump has taught me over the years.

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Avert your eyes Marguerite!

On the reasons I run…

If you know me well enough or for long enough you will have probably had the misfortune of seeing my with my shirt off.  It’s not a pretty sight I am told, and should come with a warning.  However I have never been one to shy away from owning my own body shape, choosing rather to show it off, waxing lyrically about my lovely legs or  my hairy chest which should actually just be waxed! I would argue its confidence while classical psychology would put it down to overcompensation.  Classical psychology would win, but not without a fight. Continue reading “Avert your eyes Marguerite!”

I’m coming home…part 1 of 2

34 Bishopfield Close.  What’s in an address?  Type it in to Google maps on your phone and it will probably take you 500m down the road to a dead end(I find google maps on the phone terribly unreliable…).  Google street view on the other hand gives an image from 2009 of 3Ps Tuckshop, complete with it’s green wheely bin outside the front gate.  I think that wheely bin eventually got stolen.  It was replaced and the replacement was also stolen.  For a long time that’s what 34 Bishopfield Close was, 3Ps Tuckshop.  But not many people actually called it that.  It was more affectionately known as Aunty Lallie’s Tuckshop, after my mother who started up the business years before that carrying a basket to the primary school on the opposite hill.  When we were young we would be able to look out from the school playground and see 34 Bishopfield Close calling us back when the buzzer went.  Time before that almost seems unfathomable but trust me, there was a time before that.  For years it was a partially completed construction site, complete with a putt putt course that only had one hole but different tees.  And golf putters fashioned from metal pipes and tree branches that bent just so.  Farther back still, and before any construction started there was a set of very uneven stairs that seemingly went up a grassy bank in every angel except flat.  A grassy bank that was extremely fun to slide down using a cardboard box but one that would occasionally wash away if the rains were too heavy. Continue reading “I’m coming home…part 1 of 2”

Finding your passion – a video by Jason Silva

I follow Jason Silva and his youtube channel Shots of Awe for his excellent and though provoking short videos.  If you haven’t watched any of his videos you should definitely look up his youtube or facebook pages.  Better known (for some) as the host of Brain Games on NatGeo, one of my favourite videos of his is Existential Bummer – I will not go quietly into that good night!

He recently posted this video on how to find your passion, quoting writings by Steven Kotler which says list all the things you are curious about and wander about, and then find where the things you are curious about intersect.  This blog is my list.  And i’m trying to find a purpose through it!  See the link below:

Shots of Awe – How to find your Passion